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Ringing Phone

Phone 30min

Most Impressed

Most impressed with the phone reading

Tania gave me.

Already the first part of the reading has come to fruition which I couldn't possibly have imagined but she was it.

Ill definitely be getting another reading in the future, and just for the record I was never a believer in this type of thing, but I   did it on advice from a friend. Thanks again tania 


Perth 25/1/2022

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In Person 45min

Amazing Ability To Connect

Dear Tania 

My Daughter and i come to see you on 10/8/21 and just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful session.

Your ability to connect with our loved ones and interpret and convey their messages so accurately blew us away.

The whole experience brought us an enormous amount of comfort at a time when we needed it most and we are most grateful.

sending all our best wishes your way.

A & C Perth WA  & UK

In person reading 

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Inperson reading

Most Impressed

Tania has a true gift.  She was spot on 

with almost everything and the connection with my mum was so strong.

I was completely blown away with the 


Perth   May 2021

Phone on Desk

Phone 30min

Amazing Medium

Had an Amazing mediumship read yesterday.

Highly recommended.

There were things she just could not have known! Will definitely be back for another read with her soon.

Phone 30min mediumship 20th Jan 2021. 

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Phone 30min

Your Accuracy is amazing

Thank you Tania for another wonderful reading. Your accuracy never ceases to amaze me. Everything has fallen into place spot on the way you said it would Every time and I'm grateful for the guidance you offer.

Look forward to our next conversation

Thank you Tania 

Mark 21/2/22  Perth WA

phone reading 30min 

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In person

five stars Extremely Talented

my partner and i went to Tania for a reading today and hands down was the best experience we could ever encounter! She was extremely thorough and connected with us in a way we could never imagine!

We have had a bad experience with a different reader beforehand , So to experience what Tania had to say was breath taking! Hands down would recommend her to absolutely anyone and we will be going  back in the future!

Your very talented Tania!

In person couple 30th Jan 2021

mediumship clairvoyant.

Ringing Phone

Free 15min phone

spot on 

I was the lucky recipient of Tania`s free 15min read, and as always Tania did not disappoint....We just left it up to the guides to tell me what i needed to hear & it was spot on! I am so excited for the year ahead & our near future, so many changes & challenges coming our way & all in a positive way xoxo

Highly recommend Tania for a phone reading or in-person, as i have now had both over the years of knowing Tania & looking forward to my next one. xo


phone reading   nic karratha. nov 2020

Ringing Phone

45min Phone

Absolutely blown my mind

I am so thankful to have been lucky enough to have had, 2 readings from Tania..... She has absolutely blown my mind with accuracy & clarification along with so many other words to describe how truly talented she is.

Many Thanks.

P.S   Mind is still blown from the last reading and all that surrounds me, this has given them clarification too!

Phone reading  Jan 2020  Perth WA

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In-person & Phone

Truly Amazing

I have had  a few readings done with Tania & she has blown me away with what she has told me, everything that she said about the past was accurate & now I'm finding everything about the future has been too, could not recommend this lovely lady enough, Tania is truly amazing & you feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off your shoulders when the reading is over. Highly Recommend xx

In-person & phone readings  SEP 2019

Newman WA

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In-person 45min

Incredible medium/clairvoyant

I have been to Tania for guidance a few tines over the past 3 years and she has been incredible. Without going into detail she was so accurate with mums illness and the rough time left with us. My job and my health also spot on.

In-person    Sep 2019  Perth WA

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In-person 45min

Incredibly gifted clairvoyant

Truly amazing  lady! Blown away by her abilities! Had me in tears she is so accurate with her readings.

phone reading  May 2020    TAS 

Ringing Phone

30min phone 

Blew me away

Had my phone reading from Tania from over the phone.

She blew me away with the guidance she was able to give me.

It was so accurate, absolutely amazed!

I feel so reassured with my future goals.

Thank you so much Tania!

phone reading    Aug 2020 NSW

Ringing Phone

30min phone 

Amazing Clairvoyant

5 Stars

Everything tania said to me in my reading was amazing. the things she was able to tell me about my past & some future things that nobody knows but.. she did was amazing. I can't wait to have another reading with her.

Amazing !

phone reading  Feb 2020  QLD 

Mobile Phone

45min phone 

incredibly gifted

Tania is incredibly gifted. Her readings always resonate with me & the information she gives is so spot on. I've had a few readings with Tania over the years & they never cease to amaze me.

Thank you so much Tania for sharing your gift. xo

phone reading  Sep 2020 Perth

Ringing Phone

45min phone 

Very Genuine Medium

Thank you Tania for enabling the conversation from my loved one. The evidence of his presence was overwhelming, & I  now know all is well with him, & he is with family in heaven. His awareness of my own life events was on the nail. My bad & sad feelings have now lifted. Tania is very genuine & empathetic, and as a lifelong sceptic, I'm grateful  and amazed.

 Phone reading  Feb 2018  Port Hedland WA

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In-person 30min

undeniably gifted

Thank you for my reading today Tania,

you were so helpful & very accurate! So

talented & you've guided me so much. You're undeniably gifted. X

In-person reading       Aug 2020 perth

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In-person 30min

Beautiful Soul

Tania is such a gifted medium clairvoyant- its such a blessing to receive a reading from her. She's always so spot on. Thanks Tania for all you do beautiful Soul.

In-person   Jun 2018  Perth WA

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45min In-person

Highly Recommend

Incredible, Tania has done exceptional readings in person & via phone for me for 7 years. Whether the reading is family oriented or regarding myself she is always spot on. Tania done an amazing reading from a photo of the family farm to accurately uncover & provide the spirits whom are active on the property.

Highly Recommend 100%

In-person & phone July 2019 Newman ,Tom price WA

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In-person 45min


I have seen Tania a few times now & can't recommend her enough! She is great & always spot on.

In-person reading    Nov 2019  Perth

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