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All Starter kit :  

A beautiful essential bundle  its all you need to get started, from the beginner of starting your jourany with Tarot or to the more experienced. Contains a pack of hand size Holographic rainbow Tarot cards with basic guide book,  black velvet drawstring pouch,  a mother of pearl abalone shell, small selenite stick, sage stick, and a palo santo stick.


Tarot cards small hand size Holographic rainbow, The classic RWS tarot is the best known tarot deck. The vibrant cards, featuring full scenes with figures and symbols. The added touch of the holographic effect on a metallic finish makes it even more enjoyable, keeping you completely immersed within presence. comes with a small basic beginners guidebook. Size of cards H-9.8cm W-5.7cm


Velvet soft bag.  black in colour with a stamped gold Fleur-de-lis is an ancient symbol which represents purity, perfection, life and the natural world. a safe place for your beautfuil tarot cards.


Abalone mother of peal shell. 

The shell ia a natural smudging tool that has been used for centuries its a great tool to use when smudging, keep your smudging stick in the shell to collect the ash or just for storing your sticks. for other uses the australia abalone shell makes a lovely trinket to keep small crystals and pendulums in. Size shell between H- 15 to 16cm W-12 to 13cm as size may very with a natural shell.


Palo Santo.

Cleansing, Balanced, Higher connection. Removes lower energy that  doesn't serve your hightess protental. Healing connections can take place under Palo Santo for self or as a healing practise. When used correctly it can leave you feeling calm, peaceful, grounded and emotionally clear, can be used to ground and clear your space to start your work with your tarot reading. size 4 - inchs


Sage Stick

Using for cleansing and purifying your sacred space, ways sage can be used for is a reset button on a homes energy, and when your ready for a new start. smudging at a regular intervals as a kind of scheduled spiritual hygiene. It can help clear negative energies from within, or from a specific space. has been used for centuries and by  many cultures to cleanse and purifying. Size - 4 inches


White Selenite stick

Great to place on top of your cards when not in use as will cleanse them and renew the energy.  selenite is a natural self cleansing crystal that also cleanses crystals in its surrounding increases their energies like clear quartze.

Selenite is an essential addition to crystal or energy healing and in any space it will dissolves negativity and their heaviness. Size- 4 inches.



Contains - one pack of tarot cards 9.8cm - 5.7cm

basic beginners guide book 

One black velvet drawstring bag to keep cards in.

White Sage stick - one- 4inchs

Palo Santo stick - one- 4inches

Selenite stick - one =4inches

Mother of pearl abalone shell - H-15 to 16cm  W- 12 to 13cm 




The Starter Kit

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